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About Us


Highest quality Hairdressing services since 2015

That your hair is perfect, that's what it's all about at hair salon Singel Hair. At this hair salon on the Singel in the heart of Amsterdam they use the saying: "The most important thing a woman can have - next to talent, of course - is her hairdresser". And according to the team, that also applies to men. They specialize in color treatments and work with Olaplex and Scruples products. You will not leave this salon until you are satisfied with your new haircut.

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That your hair is perfect, that's what matters to us.

Singel Hair might brighten up your mood. Really, just about any cosmetic care moves you into a more uplifting mindset. The purpose of the beauty salon is to make you feel good and to assist you to get some happiness and comfort.

You can come here for a haircut. The stylists of this place would love to help you to choose a haircut to make it look best.

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Our Doors are Open


Our Doors Are Open

We’re Waiting For You!   0655922255

M-F: 10am-19pm

M & T hrs ; till 22pm

 we are at your service often on Sundays too

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